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The day to celebrate all that is magic.

I suppose my kids would say that a day off of school is magic. AND IT IS!

Happy Martin Luther King day! A great man and certainly a reason to have a day off to remember and celebrate the best of humanity. How far we have come in our ability to accept and in our journey to true equality. How far we have left to go…

But today I also want to share the magic of getting rid of the unnecessary stuff, of organization. My husband has built a shelving unit along one wall of our bedroom. Wall to wall and floor to ceiling, this Oak structure has replaced a few mismatched cabinets and bookshelves and piles of belongings on the floor…15 years of collecting, people. It allowed us to clean out the closet, giving room for clothes that had been shoved in overstuffed shelves (and had been spilling onto the floor for years. We cleaned out the bookshelves where we had been putting things for as many years. I brought books and collectibles up from the overfull shelves downstairs. I have so much stuff…trinkets from my childhood, pictures from long ago, souvenirs from so many places.

We got rid of a lot. The question always… WHY ARE WE KEEPING THIS? WHAT IS THIS?

But I kept a lot too. But now I can spread it out.

But our room feels…lighter. Better. Like a real room. The cabinet still needs doors and drawers and trim, but what a difference! Of course, this sets up a chain reaction…

I want a new rug. The windows need molding. The mismatched, broken blinds need to go. I want to repaint the ceiling. I might want to paint something cool on the wall behind our bed. The blank walls scream for art. Our bedside tables, well, aren’t tables…so hubs might have another project.

Clearing away the old dusty past and organizing the things that matter creates a magic.

It’s been fifteen years of working on this old house. We’ve torn down almost every wall. We’ve redone every room. I barely recognize the pictures of it when we first bought it. My kids looked at old pictures and said, “That’s not our house.” And well, it wasn’t. But now it is, or getting close anyway.