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Today I’m taking myself to see a movie. The Bye Bye Man…yes, it’s a scary movie. And no, I won’t make you go. But I will post about it on The Midnight Society blog tomorrow.

I’m treating myself because last night DOORS, book 3 hit 20,000 words.


I mean only like 70,000 more to go, BUT LET’S NOT THINK ABOUT THAT! Those thoughts never lead anywhere good.

I have added words nearly everyday. I took Sunday off (I can do that if I want!). I write my word count on my calendar everyday, which helps me see my progress as well as gives me a reason to write…just to write a bigger number, how much bigger doen’t matter. Hitting 10,000 words always feels good, but 20,000…means I’ve really sunk my claws into the mess that is writing. I’m heading to the middle of the manuscript where things get jumbled and that’s fine. I’m through the beginning. However, I am not through with the struggle.

Yesterday, I wrote and wrote and wrote and felt like I was getting nowhere. (hello pacing problems I will fix later)So I whined to Sarah about it and thought of what Rena would do and…I added a dragon.


And maybe mine is a real dragon, because fantasy book, but for those not writing in made up worlds, it means throw something big and weird and crazy at your character. So…I made something happen. Just added it. And it worked magical magic! This odd creature I magicked into existence made my character remember something…something she hadn’t thought of in a long while, which linked to this ability she forgot she had, which then LINKED TO THE ABILITY I NEED HER TO HAVE IN ORDER TO GET THIS MANUSCRIPT GOING.

And Sarah had major breakthroughs last night as well! GO GO GO!!!! I’m so proud of her!

I’ve never felt in control of manuscripts. I don’t want control. I want to evolve with the characters and the story. I am a pantser. I have a big messy pile of notes that make sense every second Tuesday of each month. I have a jumbled knot of ideas in my head that unravels as I write.

And when I get stuck…I’ll add a dragon. WHY NOT? Join me. The world needs more dragons.