When I was a kid, Sunday night was pizza night. Every Sunday. My mom made pizza and we were allowed to eat in the living room! The whole family would gather around the TV and we would watch a show…anyone remember Wonderworks on PBS or the Wonderful World of Disney (wasn’t that what it was called?) that played a movie on Sundays?

And there was pop!

This was a special night. Our favorite night.

So, of course, when I got to be the mom, we have pizza night. When my husband would work a four on and two off schedule, there was no set night, but now that he has weekends off?

Sunday night is pizza night! The four of us choose a movie and all sit around together…unless the chosen movie doesn’t suit one of us *cough*14yodaughter*cough*…

We all love pizza night. We have a great time together. And leftovers mean I know what’s for lunch today.

Memories to keep.

Traditions to pass on.

It’s magic.