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Today is a great day for those who love pizza.


Today this is now mine. This is on my phone and hot and ready to eat…I mean read.


What a fabulous idea the wonderful Jolene Haley had…a book full of stories celebrating pizza!


I know so many of the talented writers who were chosen that I couldn’t wait to own it! TO READ ALL THE STORIES CENTERED AROUND MY FAVORITE FOOD! *smells the cover*

You can buy it now for only $.99 here! THAT’S RIGHT $.99!!!!!

Should be a super fun read with stories in all genres! I can’t wait to take a bite.


Happy release day to Jolene and all the authors!

You can't hear, but he is obviously screaming "PIZZAAAAAAAAA"!

You can’t hear, but he is obviously screaming “PIZZAAAAAAAAA”!