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Last week I took myself to see RINGS. Samara is back! I like all The Ring movies and really enjoyed the newest one.


Yesterday the family and I went to see The Lego Batman Movie. I SMILED AND LAUGHED THE ENTIRE TIME.


I would go see a movie everyday in the theater. I love seeing the stories on the big screen, watching the characters and plot unfold…it’s magic.

Movies share stories of adventure, of terror, of fun, of emotion. They can make us smile or cry or scream. They can leave impressions, images in our minds that can change us.

Getting lost in a story, staring at the visual magic on a screen, is one of my favorite things. I always have a list of the ones I want to see…horror, comedy, action, sci-fi, fantasy, super hero, thought-provoking, visually stunning, or just plain fun. I love them. Even kissing movies…well, some of them (let’s not go crazy).

I love sitting in the dark theater. I love popcorn and M&Ms. I love going with people or by myself. I love the way movies add magic to life.

What’s the last movie you saw in the theater?

What’s the next movie you’ll see?