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Son of a Pitch has begun. This week the peer critiques are happening. Those participating have linked their blogs with their query and first 250 words to our fearless leader and creator of Son of a Pitch Katie’s blog here.

Read about the contest here. Read about the authors critiquing in the next round here. Read about the publishers jumping in for the final round here.

And yes, I am one of the lucky authors who gets to read and critique all (or as many as I can) the queries and first 250s then vote on my favorites. As well as being a critiquer, I am a host! On Monday I will post ten entries. Please do not comment unless you are a critiquing author! But feel free to read! Find the author on Twitter, tell them good luck! Follow #sonofapitch on Twitter for all the fun.


The theme for this event is Star Wars…I might have suggested that…maybe.

So I am choosing to be #TeamDarkSide.


And no one is shocked, I see. If you know me, you know I like dark.


I like creepy.


I like scary.


I like evil.


Give me a great villain and I’ll follow you anywhere. The most powerful emotions come from our fears and uncertainties. The darkness will show you the light. The white is brighter because of the black. Staring into the shadows, wondering what lurks in their depths, is pure joy. What good are fears, if we can’t face them? Words can bring all this to life, infuse us with power.

So hopefully there will be plenty of fantasy, dark fantasy, and horror entries to grace the screen of my little blog.

Give me the dark words!

I write YA fantasy and horror. I am a YA type of girl, though I will read adult and a good MG is always welcome. I am a fantasy and horror girl, hold the kissing, please…but I read all sorts of things and realize that kissing is hard to avoid.


I am an honest critiquer, pointing out what doesn’t work for me as well as what does work. And remember, my comments are my opinions. That’s it. Opinions. Things to digest. If what I say sparks some grand idea, GREAT! Run with what your creative brain tells you. If my comment makes you shrug…move on and forget it. For in the end, this is YOUR story. Go with your gut. Follow your heart…all those cliches.


What I look for…well, that’s hard to define. I want the characters and setting to come to life. I want to melt into the words and never come out. I want the world and characters to invade my brain.

Voting? Well, when it comes to that, I will mostly choose based on the first 250, on what taste those opening words leave on my mind. Let’s be honest, queries are weird.


Good luck to all participating. And welcome to the fun. Critiques for everyone and new friends will be made.


If you’re lucky you’ll get to be on #TeamDarkSide and I’ll see you all next week! Can’t wait to read all the words! When writer’s unite magic happens.