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In the world of writing and publishing, there are so many choices, so many paths to take.

Get an agent and try traditional publishing with the big houses or small presses.

Don’t get an agent and query small presses or self-publish.

And one is no better or worse than the others.

Choose the path that speaks to you, the road that is a right fit. Only you can know which way to go. And there is nothing wrong with changing your mind and carving a new path.

As you travel your road, find friends to support you, because each way is full of waiting and doubt and frustration and excitement…a roller coaster of emotion. Find people who will stand by you, cheering you on as you go, people who will never add to the frustration and doubt, people who will be there to remind you that you are doing what you want, doing what feels right.

Listen to your heart. Follow it.

I chose to sub to small presses. No agent, just me and my words. I signed with a small press, the one I wanted, the one that clicked with my wants, the one that spoke to me. The publishing process has been long, a lot of waiting. Some frustration. It’s been a ride, but every choice has its ups and downs. Never have I regretted signing with them. Never. This is right for me and my ms.

Through all my waiting, I have had to defend my decision. I have had people tell me I was wrong. I have had people warn me of impending doom, that I would be lost, forgotten. They did it because they care (I think)…they want the best for me and my words. I would smile and nod, and on the inside SCREAM. Scream at how I have chosen my path and am happy with my decision. So you aren’t happy with my decision…I DON’T CARE WHY MUST I EXPLAIN MYSELF I AM AN ADULT AND AM OKAY!

I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason. I am happy with my choice therefore everything will be fine, it will be better than fine. IT WILL BE AWESOME!

No matter your intention, no matter how much you care, continuing to tell people what they should have chosen, how their choice will lead to bad things will hurt that person.

Be there with a smile. There is already doubt and frustration, adding to that will not help.

You would choose a different path? Go choose it…for you and not anyone else.

If they face the choice and are looking for help, tell your story, tell why you chose what you did, explain the positives and negatives that you have experienced along the way. Then let them take the information and do what they will.

When a decision is made, it’s made for a reason, a valid and perfectly acceptable reason, one that makes sense to that person. This is always the right decision, no defending or explaining is required. If doubt surfaces, encourage the exploration of other roads, not how to fix it. (seriously, that is my hubs, I want to strangle him)

There is no right or wrong in a personal decision.

In writing and in life, when someone has chosen a path, support them and we will be a stronger community, stronger people.