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So, I have a blog!

I nearly forgot.

I had a great summer. We went to Glacier National Park and hiked some great trails! We went with the Spirit of Woodlan (the Woodlan Jr/Sr HS marching band) to Washington DC to see them march in the Fourth of July parade! I attended Midwest Writers Workshop! I hung out with my kids! I did some writing, short stories are fun!

But now it’s back to a bit of routine. The kids are in school…freshman and sophomore this year. A new marching band season has begun.

And…I have started writing a new series.

A series, Kathy? You thought I had learned my lesson, right?

Well, I did. Kinda. My last series, the one that got completely out of control, the one I had to tame…yeah…it was interesting and that was the path it had to take. This series The Nowhere Books is different. For one, I know it’s a series. I am planning it as a series. DOORS…was written as a standalone years before the idea of more entered my mind.

I had the idea for Nowhere years and years ago, but it remained an idea only until the beginning of this year, when it became more.

The Nowhere series will be four books, middle grade (meaning for ages 8-12, I will focus more on upper middle grade) and horror. Yes! Horror! I want it creepy. But full of hope!

The series revolves around a class of sixth graders. So the main characters in each book will be in that class. So as we go through book one, the main characters for books two and three will be there. Book four will bring those three main characters together for the final battle. Yes, we must fight the evil.

I know the main characters for each book. I know the themes for each book. I know the basic story lines for each book. I know the big overall story through the series.

HOLY MOLY! Did I plot? Did I leave my pantser ways behind? Not really. No. Pretty sure I can’t just stop being me. So many things I don’t know. And I won’t until I write them. That’s how I work. I like it! I know enough to link things together. I know enough to be able to plant seeds for the next book and the next book and the next book. Hopefully that will (mostly) save me from what happened last time.


And can we talk about middle grade?

I am so excited! Words. Chapter titles. The voice for MG is SUPER important. Adventure, but with good meaty emotion. I want to tackle some important issues. I want to portray a world of acceptance, of diversity (oh my, I used THE word). Yes. I know. A word of Twitter threads and preaching and yelling and rules. But to paint a picture of the world as it looks is very important to me. I will do my best.

Here’s to a great day. To me getting into blogging again, cause I did miss it. To all of us out there doing our best.