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One year ago, I joined the wonderful event called Son of a Pitch, created by the wonderful Katie Hamstead. You can find her on Twitter here…and follow #SonofaPitch there too!

What. A. Fabulous. Time.

So I did it again last February…

And I am back! Go here to read about this month’s spectacular schedule, the post about the blog hosts and critiquers, and the post announcing the publishers participating in the final round. I am preparing for SO MUCH reading and critiquing queries and first pages.

Let’s celebrate writers helping writers. Today is the first week of Son of a Pitch! You can read Katie’s post here. Not mandatory at all to participate in next week’s round, where the critiquers read and then vote for their favorites, this week lets those who want to enter read and critique each other’s entries.

Writers are the best when it comes to helping. We all know what it’s like to struggle with words, to stare at blank screens, to read and re-read words that end up sounding like a whole lotta non-sense. We’ve all live in the land of the unknown, the darkness of the query trenches, the limbo of publishing. Seriously, are we nuts, insane, completely bonkers?

Yes. Yes, we are. And it’s the best.

Every person who enters, but be fast, because she takes the first 50, gets feedback from more than one person. Feedback on your query and first page. Want to take the critiques and rewrite, then get more feedback? Yup. We do that too.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the connections I have made doing this. I LOVE LOVE LOVE celebrating when great things happen to those I met during the weeks of word madness.

Next week will leave me tired and slightly dizzy (last time, I learned to keep good notes about all the entries), but very happy. I will stalk the entrants on Twitter. I will be pretty active on #SonofaPitch, so say hi!

If you want a bit of feedback, if you want to make some new friends, join Son of a Pitch! Enter your words. It’s so much fun! This week, reach out to your fellow entrants and read fabulous words…leave comments…HAVE FUN!

For the fun will continue next week. I am a blog host…again. So later this week I will post about that. My team name…what will happen on my blog…what words I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to read, my strengths and weaknesses, and maybe you can join my team!

A great big, huge THANK YOU to Katie for setting this up and asking me to be involved. It is my pleasure and honor.