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This week, round one of Son of a Pitch, writers are helping each other by giving thoughts and a bit of love to their fellow wordsmiths in preparation for round two!

But today I want to prepare everyone for what will take place here, on my blog next week. It shall be epic. Round two. *cleans blog until it’s shiny shiny*

On Friday those interested in feedback for their queries and first page of their ms will submit their entries, all info is on Katie’s blog. On Monday, the first 50 lucky people to enter will have their words posted on one of five blogs and will get feedback from those of us honored souls who get to read and share our thoughts.

The theme is My Little Pony. Now as previous #TeamMaleficent and #TeamDarkSide…this is a little different for me, but who doesn’t love My Little Ponies. I had some as a kid.

I still have some. SOOOO…

Announcing #TeamRarity! You wanna join my team. You do.


She’s a little bit of a drama queen and all about fashion, so not really like me at all, but a super funny unicorn.

(Yeah, Rarity…but a little fighting is good. Like demons and stuff.)

Gorgeous white with a purple mane and tail, this is the perfect unicorn kid-me dreamed of meeting.

Still dream of meeting.

Next week…ten posts will go up, each one celebrating an entry and having my critique. Please DO NOT comment unless you are one of the participating Son of a Pitch critiquers or the author. I will do my best to monitor…I’ll be watching. So play nice, kids.

Disclaimer…I do not know everything. I will never know everything. My comments are my opinions only and can be disregarded. If it doesn’t work for the manuscript, don’t worry about it.

I will be honest.

I will give reactions, some of which might seem a bit odd, but just go with it. Kathy’s brain does silly things sometimes. But I do believe that getting initial reactions from readers is important, so we know how our words are/can be interpreted.

I love love love to comment. Everything and anything that pops into my head usually gets written down. It makes for great fun. Trust me.

If you want to rewrite and repost any revisions in the comments of your entry…DO IT! I will get to those too.

I will read through all of the entries.

At the end of the week, I will vote for my favorites. The voting will be done in the comments, so everyone will know. Voting is subjective. NEVER FORGET THIS. My brain will be drawn to what it is drawn to and has nothing to do with the words being “good” or not. I will have to pass over many fabulous things and choose.


I bit about me.

I love…

Horror. Love creepy! Love dark! Love weird! The right word choices can set a great tone and mood.


Fantasy. World building. World building. World building. Give me all the worlds!


Magical realism. Bring the incredible to reality. Oh yeah.


YA. Teenagers are my favorite.



Please find me on Twitter! If you are on #TeamRarity or not. Follow all the crazy fun on #SonofaPitch and #TeamRarity. I love to make new writer friends!

There it is. Son of a Pitch is so close now! I am taking the next few days to get my life in order and mentally prepare for the reading, for the insanity, for the FUN! See you soon!