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Writers talk a lot about rejection. As I get ready to submit another short story, I am thinking about it.

Cause it happens.

All the time.

And it sucks. Never ever does it suck less. Never ever does it get easy, does it not hurt.


Last Saturday, my daughter’s high school marching band did not advance to the state finals. I saw tears and faces draped with disbelief. They had been rejected. As much as I wanted to make the sting go away, I knew I couldn’t, I also knew I shouldn’t. That pain is part of life. If they don’t get into the college they want, or get the job they want, if they get turned down by the person they ask out.

If we always got what we wanted, would life be happier? Without feeling the stab of rejection, we will never know the joy of victory.

Life is full of the word no…sometimes it seems as though that tiny syllable is playing on repeat. Those two little letters drive a stake of sadness through our hearts, but also fuel the fire of determination. Stack those rejections and climb on top of them, use them to reach higher. Yes makes us happy. No makes us stronger.

Everything happens for a reason. Your path won’t be straight and free of obstacles. It’s called life.

Live it. Let the pain drive you to search for and find joy.