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It’s that time again.

The Olympic games.

If you want me…I’ll be on my couch watching and trying to write.

Growing up, my mom always made a big deal of the Olympics. People from countries all over the world come together to compete peacefully, to do their best whether that means fame and medals or just being there, able to share the sport they love. Countries with one athlete. Countries with ten…fifty…or hundreds of athletes. So many languages. So many cultures, religions, and stories. Together. Smiling. Cheering.

Everyone speaks the language of a high-five or a hug.

Years of training, of hard work, of giving up so much to get to one moment.

At the bottom of the snow-covered hill, the end of the sled track of ice, the finish line, no matter the flag by the name, no matter the color of the uniform, no matter the language spoken, everyone is cheering.

Do we want our athletes to win? Sure.

Do we still smile and maybe cry happy tears for the winner if they aren’t from our country? You bet.

This is how the world should be. Everyone together. Everyone cheering. Everyone pushing others to do their best and celebrating the best they can do. Peaceful competition.

For those who have tried to cheat, to hurt, to ruin this celebration in the past…you lose. Every time. Because the feeling of the Olympics, the togetherness is stronger. Many more will cheer. Many more will give a smile or a hug. Many more will continue to work to make the world better.

The song Imagine was played at these opening ceremonies…I dare you not to cry.

The opening ceremony pulses with hope of moments to come, with all that is possible.

The closing ceremony sighs with memories made, with hills and ice conquered, with routines skated, with friends made, and dreams lived. Maybe a medal, maybe not. Maybe all that was important was to be at the Olympics.

So I will watch as the world comes together. I will smile for those who win and cry for those who fall.

Go team USA!

But more importantly…GO WORLD! Look how well we can live together. Look how great we can be. Imagine no borders. No countries. Just humanity. Just people.

Just being the best we can be.