Some time ago, I blogged about my fear. My fear of success. I dug deep and discovered why I was stuck in my current writing project. I feared it wouldn’t be good enough for the agents I would query…

but really I feared it WOULD be good enough.

The world of reaching your dreams is scary.

Well, I admitted it. I talked about it. I looked the fear in the eye.

And the sucker stole my cookies and ran.

But I can always get more cookies.

Fear isn’t real. We give it power. We can take that power away.

Fear is this dark, smokey, formless thing, drifting through our minds and nibbling at our souls. Until we name it. Until we admit what scares us, then it takes form. Becomes solid and we can see it when we punch it in the face.


Or maybe get the chainsaw…

So I went back to writing and have added words! Soon I will have a first draft…well, maybe not soon soon, but soon.

Never be afraid of what you can do. Never be afraid to go where it’s scary. Never be afraid to look at your fears and give that bully a piece of your mind. Like all bullies it will run…and maybe take a few cookies just to get back at you.