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‘Ifs’ can dominate thoughts. If this happens, if I can do it, if the planets align…




When the ‘ifs’ move in, doubt comes with it. Frustration follows. Stress. Emotions crumble.

That little-bitty word can knock down towers of confidence, that stuff we work so hard to build, that stuff that teeters ever so closer to the edge of falling away.

So, we burn the ‘ifs’ with fire. Set them ablaze and try on a new word. WHEN.

When it happens. When I do it. Visualize the beautiful picture you will create when all the work is done.

‘When’ holds hope. ‘When’ carries possibilities.

‘Ifs’ path winds down a hill to an end. ‘If’ will let you down, release its grip on your hand and flutter off into nothing.

‘When’ climbs ever upward, wrapping around your heart and pulling you to where you want to go.

Though the journey of ‘when’ can twist and turn into uncertainty, the bright light at the top never fades. We’ll slow now and then. We’ll fall. We’ll stop to huddle in the shadows and cry. We’ll step from the trail to take a break, maybe go on vacation. The road won’t be easy or straight. The path won’t go the way we think, or hope. But we’ll keep going holding tight to the ‘when’.

Because it will happen. When it does, we’ll celebrate. When we reach our goals, we’ll throw confetti, maybe bake cookies.

Then we’ll find a new ‘when’. A new goal. Because life isn’t a set of stairs leading to a top. Life doesn’t have an end. There’s always another step.

So stomp on the ‘ifs’ and tell yourself ‘when’. Let yourself have bad days. Let yourself fall. Let ‘when’ help you back up and you will succeed. With the powerful magic of ‘when’, anything is possible.