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My post with The Midnight Society this week is all about my attempt at creating a creepy Christmas (Creepmas?) tree. However, the photos won’t load on the site, so I am posting them here! And linking the two. Well, I have to try something!

At the end of last year, I found a seven foot slim artificial Christmas tree on clearance and decided to try to make myself a horror-ish tree. What’s one more Christmas tree to set up? Right?

Last Halloween, I found a few items that I thought might help in my mission…


Finally, the day arrived and I dragged the tree up from the basement and set it up.

I have no plan here…just going to wing it…and added the lights.

Only, Halloween ‘purple’ lights are…well, pink.


Back to the beginning…

Luckily, I found some cool white lights shoved somewhere.

Much better.


If you cut out the eyes and put a hole in the bottom of these fun little skulls….

They fit over the light bulbs!









I like that!

Now, onto ribbon. I have ribbon on all my trees. So why not?




Cutting it into strips helps…








Add the black, silver, and white ornaments…







I found white netting…maybe that will add a ghostly feel?

Yeah…no…more bridal. I stripped it off.

At this point, I give up. I have no solid ideas and am throwing stuff at the tree hoping something sticks. BUT NOTHING IS WORKING.

Until I discovered three skulls. Three skulls that missed getting packed into the Halloween boxes. AND I HAVE AN IDEA.





A little paint and a few dowel rods…








Place them in the tree…LIKE A HAUNTED TREE!





Now to add to that…


In the dark, it looks pretty cool!

A good start…I have ideas on what to add next year. A little odd. I lot cool. Something different. Christmas needs creepy too.