From My Imagination

So, I write. I make stuff up and arrange words to create stories. Mostly I write books, but I have had great luck with short stories.

I began writing shorts to give myself a better chance at getting published. I started entering The Writer’s Digest Short Story Competition just to see what I could do. After a few honorable mentions in that contest, I got very excited and decided to get my name on the top ten list. When my story ‘A Ring of Mushrooms’ finished ninth, I felt accomplished. When my story ‘Marked’ was accepted for publication in The Leading Edge Magazine, I was over the moon.

However, earning publishing credits wasn’t my only reward. Writing shorts made me learn to edit, to cut all the unnecessary words. It made me get to the meat of the story and quit bee-bopping around with too much description, which is one of my main problems. When the story can only be 2000 words … you have to choose wisely.

Last November, I entered Project Reuts Way, a contest created by Reuts Publishers. Each week we received an assignment and were given a few days to twist the fairy tale of our choosing into a 2000-5000 word story. And oh, what fun we had! Two of my four were chosen to appear in the anthology Reuts is publishing and a third will be featured on their blog.

But I have stories left sitting in my computer, tales that have no home. I want to share my stories here, and possibly a few of my own drawings to go with them.

So stay tuned …


1 thought on “From My Imagination”

  1. Shery Alexander Heinis said:

    Looking forward to reading your stories!

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