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Time for…


Inspired by Faith McKay and The Midnight Society! When we celebrate the fact that scary isn’t only for October.

For today I want to share with you my most recent dream…some might call it a nightmare, but I thought it was pretty cool.

For choreography sake… in my crazy, mixed-up dream-world there’s a wall with stairs going up on both sides with a door at the top… so you can go up one side, through a door and down the other side. There’s a door at the bottom of one staircase and another in the wall to connect the rooms. Make sense? It made perfect sense to dream-me.


And now… enter the weirdness that is my mind…


Eerie green light bathed the room. A crumbling, rotting room… where? I have no idea, but it’s a decrepit building…huge, empty, and dark. I’m descending stairs, my feet crunching on grit and debris. I go through a door and peer through another opening on my left. A green light flashes. There’s someone in the building with me.

The dark figure crosses the room and I duck out of sight. Who is it? I don’t know. The way he stalks across the room, that light shining into the dark corners, makes my stomach knot. Dressed all in black, his face hidden, the figure closes on the door and I hold my breath. Should I go back up the stairs? Should I run? I press my back against the wall and wait, staring at the dark opening, waiting for that terrible green light to announce his coming.

But the light never appears. The creak of his weight on the steps in the other room creeps through the shadows. I glance up the stairs, at the door the figure will soon come through.

He’ll see me…

…if I stay here…

                                                     …he’ll see me…

And I don’t know who he is or what he wants, but I don’t want him to see me.

I’ll wait. I’ll stay as still as possible. When he crosses the threshold, I’ll run into the other room. I’ll get away. A flash of green light shines through the opening at the top of the stairs, invading my space.

He’s coming.

I inch towards the door, my escape, but dirt and rubble crunch under my feet. Too loud.

I stop.

Hold my breath.

He’ll hear me.

Then he’ll find me.

I can’t let him find me.

Silence closes around me. Did he hear me? Does he know I’m here? Is he waiting, listening? What if he’s coming down the stairs… unseen, unheard?

Moving as slowly as possible I pick up my foot. I need to get to the door. I need to get away. The decaying bits of the building shuffle and scrape at my movements, but maybe the sound is louder to me, maybe it’s only a rat to the green-light man.

As I move to peer around the door, light catches my eye. He’s coming through the door at the top of the stairs.

I’ll have to move… soon.


Then I woke up…


I hope dream-me got away. I hope that wasn’t Freddy Krueger…nah, he’s got knife fingers not some green light. Probably just some random serial killer. I’ll blame the fact that my friends at The Midnight Society introduced me to slasher films and books… THANKS GUYS! You’re the best.

Odd how in dreams, everything makes sense. But after waking, I curled my arm around my pillow and wondered why anyone would design a building like that with stairs that made no sense. I wondered why I felt threatened by this figure, who never said a word. I wondered why so many times I know the places in my dreams, even if they look different, I see them as my house or somewhere familiar. But not that building.

I’ve had a few dreams that seriously disturbed me. This one wasn’t the worst, but I’ll remember it, maybe forever.

And I love those dreams, the ones that stick in my head, the ones that send my brain spinning with fear and visions of what might be.

Happy #SpookyAllYear!