Short Story Achievements

My list of publishing credits grows as I put my words out there.

Yea me!

My literary horror story PERFECTION was published in DIN, New Mexico State University’s online literary magazine.

My short horror story CLICK was featured on the blog deadlyeverafter in March.

My short horror story WEAKNESS was featured on the Pen and Muse blog showcase last fall.

WEAKNESS, PERFECTION, and my horror short PROMISES are posted on my Wattpad page.

My ProjectREUTSway runner-up stories appeared on the REUTS blog…

Heart of Ice

Liar, Liar

Wisdom and War


My horror short WHAT LURKS IN THE DARKNESS appears in the anthology published by HOCUS POCUS & CO, HALLOWEEN NIGHT: TRICK OR TREAT… for $.99!

My horror short ONE TRUE DESIRE appears on the Pen and Muse author and illustrator showcase.


My horror short CRIMSON REALITY appears on the Pen and Muse Haunted Hotel author and illustrator showcase.


My horror short THE ART OF CRAFTING FRIENDS appears on Jolene Haley’s Summer of Screams writer/artist showcase.


My horror short INHERITANCE was included in Jolene Haley’s Dark Seas writer/illustrator showcase.

My horror short FAITHLESS was published in Twilight Madhouse Vol. 4… no longer available.


My horror short VOICES can be found in Leading Edge magazine issue 73.

My creepy short FRECKLES can be found in the anthology Bloody Red Nose: 15 Fears of a Clown.

EXPOSED appears on Jolene Haley’s urban legend themed Spooky Showcase.


My ghosty mystery WITHIN THE PLUM ATTIC is in the anthology Murder They Wrote.

My twisted fairy tale UNTIL… is up on Jolene Haley’s blog for her Spooky Showcase.

My horror short THE PATH appears in Burial Day Book’s Gothic Blue Book Vol VI: A Krampus Carol.


My icy tale of hell earned a spot in Hellhound Magazine’s first issue. It’s free! Go download and read REVEALED. (no longer available)

Coming soon…

TIME featured on The Midnight Society blog for the 2021 Spooky Showcase, theme These Deadly Curses.

MY ABBY in the anthology Blackberry Blood from Snow-Capped Press November 2021

THE DOOR TO OTHER PLACES in a gothic anthology from Brigid’s Gate Press December 2021

9 thoughts on “Short Story Achievements”

  1. You have a lot to be proud of. Go, Kathy!

  2. THIS is soooooooo exciting!!! I am soooooooo happy for you and I think its only the beginning of some VERY amazing times ahead for you & family

  3. That’s an impressive LIST!

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