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Time for Spooky All Year the brain child of the fabulous Faith Mckay, for all us horror fans to celebrate the things that scare us all year. Join The Midnight Society in this fun and creepy blog hop. So visit there site here to see what others have shared and even write your own post and link it to the page.


Today I want to talk about a book (well one of the books) that left serious scary in my brain.

IT by Stephen King.


Anyone else?

A monster as old as time itself slumbers under a small town and creeps out from the sewers to feed on the residents on this little town. A monster that takes the shape of your fears.

This book and later the TV miniseries left me with a few issues.

One… shower drains. Did you know that showering while watching the drain is difficult? When your washing your hair while wondering if something evil is crawling out of the dark hole…


Two… clowns. Beep beep, Richie. Let me hand you a balloon and then rip your arm off.


Three…sewer drains. Quiet, dark, and innocent-looking, YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT COULD BE WATCHING YOU!


Everyone knows it’s there. No one will face it, except a group of kids.

Take the bit of silver and a slingshot, descend into the sewers, and face it.

Just don’t look into its deadlights.