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The magic of support and I’m not talking bras here, kids, but emotional.

The simple phrase “I believe in you” is the most magical words one can utter.

We all…I mean ALL from children to teenagers to adults…choose our paths, make decisions based on what we know, what we feel, and what we want out of life. Sometimes the path is good and other times it doesn’t work so we find another road. However, even if those choices don’t lead us to where we want having someone tell you to follow your heart, to do what feels right to you, and be true to yourself is priceless.

It’s magic.

Magic that leaves a lightness in your soul, a bit of bright in your mind to drive away any self-doubt.

When someone is happily treading their path, taking whatever bumps and detours with a smile, telling them why you think it’s wrong isn’t helpful…or wanted.

Support each other, even if you think they’re headed down the wrong road, because in the end it’s their life not yours. And it might be exactly where they want to be.



Be there.

We’re all in this together and this life is too short for lectures, doubt, and bad feelings.

Happy Magicday! May you find a bit of sparkle to make you smile.


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