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So when I first ventured into Twitter and then blogging, I decided to do it for fun. I mean if it’s not fun … why? I’m old enough to know that being yourself and being able to state your opinions is a gift. Life should be fun, exciting, full of all the happy. Share what makes you YOU and … just be.

When I suddenly had followers on Twitter, I nearly died. Why would anyone follow me? But hey, I am having fun so everyone is welcome! I began to make friends on Twitter. An e-mail popped up, saying so-and-so mentioned you on Twitter, I fell on the floor.

During Pitch Madness, I made connections. When I participated in ProjectReutsway last November, I felt as if I had been accepted into the fold.

Through Twitter I began to find blogs. And then last February, I started this one. I am new here. *waves*

I met the fabulous Debbie Vega while we entered a short story each week in November for that fantastic ProjectReutsway contest with Reuts Publishers. We laughed, we cried, we celebrated, trying to keep everyone in the mix sane. She nominated me for the Verastile Blogger Award … wait … what? Holy wow, Batman. I am completely honored. So, I need to do a few things. First …

Thanks Debbie! Go check out her blog. http://debravega.wordpress.com/ I love her focus on everything entertainment.

Second … I’d like to pass on some of my favorite blogs. I’m supposed to name 15 … let’s see …

Rena Olsen is a fabulous writer … read her latest short story Envy! http://penandmuse.com/spring-fling-envy-rena-olsen/ So good! She is always there with a smile. Follow @originallyrena on Twitter. Her blog is funtabulous. http://renaolsen.com/

Jamie Adams http://jamieadamswriting.wordpress.com/ is another Twitter friend (@Jamie_Adams22)! Her blog is honest and fun! Just a fabulous person.

TA Brock http://ta-brock.blogspot.com/ (@TA_Brock) is a fellow ProjectReutsway writer. Her book Fatal is a unique take on zombies and I really enjoyed it. She supports her writer friends and is an all around great person.

Elsie Elmore http://elsieelmore.com/ (@elsiewriter) helped me with one of my ProjectReutsway entries. Since then we have connected as CPs. What a great writer and friend. Her blog is full of inspiration and honesty, book reviews and cover reveals. I look forward to reading her upcoming book … The Undead: Playing for Keeps. I can’t wait for the cover reveal on July 23rd!

Jamie Ayres http://jamieayres.com/Β blog is pretty awesome, as she’s always willing to share her thoughts and support a fellow author. You can find her on Twitter @jamiemayres and be sure to check out her books 18 Things and 18 Truths.

Judy Post http://writingmusings.com/2014/06/01/writing-time-the-illusion-of-control/ is the fearless leader of my writers’ group. If you need a kick in the pants to get writing, she’ll be happy to give it to you. Her blog is full of thoughts on writing and life. Her books are full of magic! Follow her on Twitter @judypost

Kisa Whipkey http://kisawhipkey.com/ is an editor extraordinaire, writer, and artist! Her blog has oodles of info on editing, writing, laughter, and if you need advice on writing fight scenes, she’s your girl. Find her on Twitter @kisawhipkey.

Summer Heacock’s blog http://www.fizzygrrl.com/ will make you laugh and smile with her stories of life. Find her on Twitter @Fizzygrrl.

Ami Allen-Vath http://amiallenvath.wordpress.com/ blog is one to visit. Fun and honest, you’ll get to know a great person. Follow her on Twitter @amilouiseallen.

Carrie Rubin http://carrierubin.com/ blog can flip from writing to medical, cause she’s awesome. Find her on Twitter @carrie_rubin.

Drew Hayes http://www.drewhayesnovels.com/ needs a super hero cape. He has a hand in everything. He is revealing his writing process by writing a book on his blog. He is helping authors learn the art of writing web serials. He was also a ProjectReutsway writer! He has a book coming out this July called ‘The Utterly Uninteresting and Unadventurous Tales of Fred, the Vampire Accountant’.Β  @DrewHayesNovels on Twitter.

Heidi Norrod http://heidinorrod.webs.com/apps/blog/ will always share a smile and teach you to laugh in a bajillion different languages. Follow her on Twitter @HRNorrod. Join her in her quest to write 10 short stories this month!

Emily Toynton (@emmyshine) http://emilytoynton.wordpress.com/ is well into her 90 day writing challenge, so go check it out.

Tanager Haemmerle (@dreamoffire) http://writingrevelations.blogspot.com/ is just a fun and magical artist and writer. She’s always off creating, so be patient with her twittering and blogging. She is a fellow ProjectReutsway illustrator!

Felicia Anderson (@fifi_the_Ninja) http://fifitheninja.wordpress.com/[/embed] is a fellow ProjectReutsway writer! Great blog and great person. I got to trade first pages with her along ago and have my fingers crossed to read her ms as a book someday.

Oh my gosh. I think that’s 15. *collapse*

Third … I am supposed to share seven things about me.

*takes a deep breath* I am really boring, so try not to fall asleep.

1) I believe in faeries. No need to clap. They’re there, existing beyond the limits of our vision. Yup. I have plans to build a faerie house.

2) My obsession with Little House on the Prairie borders on weird. I own all the books and the entire TV series on DVD. I have been to Laura and Almanzo’s house in Mansfield Mo., I STOOD WHERE LAURA STOOD! I nearly cried.

3) My BA in art sits tucked away on a shelf. I wanted to be an illustrator. With my drawing set to be published in the Reuts twisted fairy tale anthology, my dream has come true. Someday I would love to write and illustrate a book.

4) I am a stay-at-home mom of two. My son and daughter are 13 months apart and no, that wasn’t planned. And yes I nearly lost my mind during the first five years. I made it, not sure how. It’s all a big blur.

5) Where ever I go, I end up surrounded by kids. They seem to like me. I will choose to join a group of kids rather than adults. Possibly because I think more like the kids than the adults, but no one will hold that against me. Right?

6) Roller coasters rock! I will ride all day, non-stop.

7) I played the violin from 5th grade to 12th grade. I love classical music. Sitting in the middle of an orchestra playing Wagner sends tremors of joy up my spine. My music of choice is movie soundtracks … epic, powerful soundtracks. Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Star Trek, Narnia, Indiana Jones … you get the idea.

I am completely in awe of the friends I have made on Twitter. I am shocked when I am asked to participate in blog hops and critique stories. It’s like magic. And I believe in magic.

And that’s me. Still awake?

Smiling? Yes?Β  Good. Life is better with smiles.