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So, I watch the Chiller Channel.


I love it for all it’s kinda terrible, kinda cool movies, but this channel devoted to creepy has stepped it up.


It’s first original series SLASHER began this month. So I watched the first episode.

Hello, fun new show. I like you. A lot.

Welcome to the small town of Waterbury. Where back in 1988 a killer named The Executioner killed a husband and his pregnant wife with a machete. The police found the murderer calmly sitting in a rocking chair holding the baby he cut out of the mother.

Now nearly 30 years later, the baby girl returns, all grown up.

Sarah and Dylan move into the home where her parents were murdered. Because that’s always a good idea.

Sarah and Dylan of Slasher

Sarah and Dylan of Slasher


And The Executioner has returned as well…or at least a copycat, since the original is in jail.


This won't end well for Verna...

This doesn’t end well for Verna…

In true slasher form, he’s silent, creepy and deadly. And he’s on a mission.

It’s gory. It’s terrible. I love it. A small town full of secrets, full of juicy layers, of people I’m not sure I trust, and people who will die horrible deaths. Who is The Executioner and why is he doing this? What does it have to do with Sarah? I’m hooked. I’ll be glued to the screen, cringing at the stabbings and hackings, but waiting to learn all the details.