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Brought to you by Faith McKay at The Midnight Society to celebrate scary all year! And all my non-horror friends run away… NO COME BACK!

Yesterday, I took myself to see the new movie Krampus.

AND I LOVED IT! I had no idea what to expect and feared that it would be all effects and scares and no story. But no!

There was a story, characters that I liked and some I grew to like, a message, a few laughs, and lots of weird, crazy wrongness. The kind of wrong that made me cringe and want more.

The opening scene of crazy Christmas shoppers, of crying kids, and poor trampled sales persons all set to one of my favorite carols hooked me. This show had something to say. And I’ll never hear Bing Crosby’s version of It’s Beginning to Look a lot Like Christmas without thinking of this movie.

Krampus has roots in German lore…the opposite of Santa Claus, the hairy, horned demon sent to punish the naughty. This movie gave him more dimension than a mere punisher.

For all those who hate the holidays, who fight their way through shopping and focusing on sales, who want more more more, who dread the coming of relatives, for the lost magic when belief in Santa dies… when hope is lost, Krampus will come. And Christmas will eat you alive.

Killer jack-in-the-boxes, teddy bears, and angels. Oh, the wrongness! Creepy snowmen. Images left forever in my brain. Living, giggling gingerbread men with a nail gun. Okay, that made me chuckle.

And one boy and his family, fighting for their lives, learning to be a family and have hope.

And Krampus. Dude. Whoever created this guy… I LOVED HIM!

And the end? I kinda didn’t see that coming and it was fabulous. I left the theater not knowing whether to be disturbed or smile. So I did both.

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