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Ah! Today is the day…


The fabulous Midnighter Faith McKay has begun this glorious tradition. Go visit the Keepin’ it #SpookyAllYear post and connect to other horror lovers and even write your own post, linking it to her blog. (There’s a spot at the bottom reserved just for you!)

I like horror movies. A LOT!

However, I don’t know other people who do. Well, correction, I know a couple, but they don’t live near me. So I go to the theater alone. I watch DVDs alone in my living room with the lights off.

But it is nice to watch these fabulous movies full of creepy, gory, and altogether weirdness with a friend who enjoys it as much as I do.

So allow me to share a tradition I began to help keep it spooky all year. I started a series on The Midnight Society blog called “Let’s Watch a Horror Movie” where, once a month, I choose a scary movie to live-tweet.

And I want others to press play at the same time. I hope they add their own tweets as we watch TOGETHER! And I always give a hashtag to keep all our tweets together.

It’s so much fun!

I started the tradition at the beginning of this year and have live-tweeted movies such as…





And this month is…


Join me on Friday, May 20th at 9 EST if you dare! Grab your popcorn or movie snack of choice and press play with me. Add your tweets with mine under #ToroMAMA (because #MAMA is full of nice motherly things…I added the Toro in honor of the amazing Executive producer of the film Guillermo del Toro)

As you can see, I like to mix old ones in with new ones, touching on all aspects of horror. And there are so many more to watch! 

So let’s watch a horror movie and keep it spooky all year.